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DJ Training for Ecstatic & Conscious Dance

Online Modules from February - April 2024


We feel passionate about sharing this DJ training as the world is in need for music and dance today; music to release and ground, and dance to stir the sacred again in our lives. 

Join us for a 3 month journey into the foundation of Conscious DJing. You can start our program as a complete beginner and play your own DJ set at the end of the training. Our training recognizes that the first steps on the DJ path are often the most challenging. There is a huge jump to make from using Spotify or iTunes to working with a DJ program. It is like trading in your car's dashboard for the cockpit of an aircraft. But even before exploring all the knobs and sliders, you first have to choose a DJ program. There are 5 major brands to choose from that in part determine which DJ controller you can use. Overwhelmed? Not to worry, we break down this information and guide you in your choice. In our training, we will mainly focus on Traktor and Serato, but you can also join us if you use Rekordbox, VirtualDJ or DJay - with these programs, however, we will not go into detail. 

With all the technical aspects of DJing, it is easy to forget that the DJ equipment ultimately is a tool. A Conscious DJ uses this tool to weave together a musical landscape or soundscape through which the dancers can travel. This journey takes them over the threshold into the unknown and back again. As such a DJ needs to know the territory intimately. Your own dancing experience is invaluable here. Besides that, we will present movement maps in our training that help you navigate the Terra Nova. The DJ software is both a tool for performing - mixing, using effects, looping, etc - and a tool for organizing and managing music. As a beginning DJ it is very tempting to dive into the first and neglect the second. In our training we turn this around. The organization of your music library is a reflection of how you listen. Skillful listening is a cornerstone for DJing and entails much more than discerning whether you like a song or not. As Conscious DJs, we require a whole ecosystem of sounds so we can create a full musical landscape. We will therefore explore the continuum of sound, learn to count music, look at the song structure, key, the Camelot wheel and more. With the art of listening and the movement maps as our foundation, we then explore the performance tools that enhance the creation of a dance journey. We focus on basic tools that will take you a long way, like beatmatching, looping, and using common effects (filter, EQ). As a Conscious DJ, you stand in the spotlight while you hold space for the journeys of the dancers. This is no easy feat. During our training we offer guidance so you can grow into this role of being a facilitator of change.


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Conscious DJing

The musical facilitation of a Dance Journey. 

This training program is for anyone who likes to kickstart their DJ journey. Whether you are a dancer who likes to make other people dance; a club DJ transitioning to Ecstatic or Conscious Dance; or a Yoga or movement teacher that wants to work more with music: every-body is welcome! Although accessible to every one, this training program does require commitment. You will have to put the work in to make the material your own. There is enough playtime between the modules so you can digest, study and practice in your own tempo, or rewatch a session if necessary. And, you will not have to do it alone. You will get support from the teachers and other students.  The first session can be followed without owning DJ software or a controller. After that, it is highly recommended that you invest in your own DJ software and a (basic) DJ controller to get most out of your training. We will offer guidance with this choice. If you are unfamiliar with Conscious Dance, it is highly recommended that you follow some classes or workshops to get a lived experience of a dance journey. This could be a class/workshop in the 5Rhythms, Movement Medicine, Open Floor, or Soul Motion.


The program consists of 9 modules, spread over a 3 month period. The first module is an online self-study module, and the following 8 modules are live-online (Zoom). In addition, you get access to an online learning environment with self-study material, presentations, and videos of the modules. You also get a manual and become part of a closed chat group with your fellow students and teachers.


In each module we will mix theory, skills, and personal development. Between the modules we have assignments (individual and group) that help with integrating the material. Below is an impression of the different modules. This content might change during the training to fit the learning needs.

Module 1 - Getting Ready (self study & private session)The first module gets us ready to embark on our DJ learning journey. Through self-study material you will learn more about the: history and background of laptop DJing; the pro's and con's of different DJ software and hardware; where to find and buy music; and some basic musical terms like key and bpm. Before Module 2 starts, you will also get an online, 1-on-1 meeting with a teacher to go through the preparations and to answer any lingering questions. Module 2 - Overview & Gearing Up (7 Feb 2024)Get to know each other, the trainers, and the training program. Choosing your DJ software and hardware, and importing your first tracks. Module 3 - Deep Listening, Maps, and Library (14 Feb 2024) What makes you remember and find music? What is a Wave? Here we explore the continuum of sound and movement maps that enable you to organize your music library. Module 4 - What does this button do? (21 Feb 2024)Continuation of the topics of module 3 and a walk through the most important functions of the DJ software and hardware. Module 5 - Beats & Phrases (6 March 2024)Here we go into counting music, bpm, song structure, beat matching and some basic mixing. Module 6 - In the Mix! (20 March 2024)What are significant sounds? What is key and the Camelot Wheel? Using EQ and Filter to mix. Module 7 - Questions & Answers (27 March 2024)Where are we in our learning journey? Here we answer your hiccups and questions so you get ready to create your own set. We will also go into personal development: feedback & vulnerability hangover. Module 8 - Your own DJ set! (10 April 2024) You have created your own set! A session of feedback and learning together. Module 9 - Celebration and onward (17 April 2024)Continuing your DJ path: alone and together. How to use DJing in different contexts (classes, etc).


  • The investment for the DJ Training is € 888

  • This includes all the modules, a digital manual, and self-study material.

  • After booking you will be asked to make a deposit of € 288

  • 2nd payment of € 300 due December 1st 2023

  • Final payment of € 300 due February 1st 2024

  • We have limited EARLY BIRD spots (€100 reduction)

  • ALUMNI get a reduction of € 150*

  • You can only book for the whole training. 

* An alumni is anyone who did a training / workshop with Heart of the Dance before.


Please let us know as soon as possible if something comes up and you cannot attend the DJ Training. Please make all cancellations by email. If you wish to cancel 4 weeks before the DJ training starts, you will receive your down-payment minus 30 euro registration fee. If a cancelation happens after that time we keep the down payment. No refund is available for withdrawal once the DJ training has commenced. 

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