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Our vision from the heart

Ecstatic Dance is a unique experience, created and formed around a communal dancing idea: a conscious dancing that allows you to sink into your body. In Ecstatic Dance, you can explore, express, feel, move, touch and manifest through body, mind and soul in movement and dance. And by doing so, connect more deeply to the other dancers and to your inter-being to life (me-we-big body).

Ecstatic Dance has been growing all over the world, its roots lie in ancient forms of dances and rituals. In the past few years, it has been spreading all over the world. To create an Ecstatic Dance community means to hold a safe and sacred space from a very specific intention. When you discover what your wishes, love and passion are, you can bring it out more firmly into the world - and on the dance floor!

The Heart of Ecstatic Dance is an explorative and embodied laboratory for movement and dance. In these current times of transition and change, we also bring our intention towards re-connecting and re-weaving what we describe as the bigger realm: an Ecstatic Culture in which diversity and connection to the earth is being embraced.


In the Heart of Ecstatic Dance training, we will share and guide you into the essence of what makes an Ecstatic Dance into a magical event, and of how to create one yourself - in community. We will share with you our own combined experience of over 40 years in dance and music facilitating and what we learned from our challenges and fears. Through creative exercises, we will also encourage you to share the wisdom that you embody within.

We are happy to embark on a dancing journey together, as we dive deeper... into the heart of Ecstatic Dance.