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Core Facilitator Training
For Conscious & Ecstatic Dance

5th - 9th June 2024, The Netherlands (Amsterd

What to expect:

  • A 5 day deep dive into the heart of Ecstatic & Conscious Dance

  • Topics: ceremony leading, movement facilitation, history, creating & holding a sacred space, and music.

  • With lot’s of practice, a  printed manual full of know-how, a community of like-spirited people.


The Facilitator Training is a 5-day intensive training program for everyone who feels the calling to spread their passion for dance, music, and conscious community. You'll learn to manifest, hold and facilitate your own unique Ecstatic or Conscious Dance events. We'll talk about the fascinating global history of ecstatic dancing and sense into it's emerging future. We will share the steps needed to create an event: finding a space that fits, connecting all the gear, and bringing the right music to serve the dance.

This training is a 'hands on' - or more correctly: a 'body on' - training where you will practice how to lead a ceremony; design the space; and play with music with our training group. We encourage everyone to bring and share their specific skills and wisdom, so we build a collective toolbox and open up space to co-create.

We will dive deep into the core principles that make dance ‘Ecstatic & Conscious’:

  1. Holding and creating a safe and sacred space 

  2. Facilitating movement, dance, and rituals - both with verbally and with body language

  3. Creating a dance journey through sound and ceremony.

  4. Building an inclusive community

  5. Dealing with challenges on the dance floor


Each day we will provide practice opportunities to create a sacred space, conduct a ceremony, and play music. In our evening times, we will also be able to experience different Ecstatic Dances in Amsterdam.​

We believe Ecstatic Dance only works when it has a strong beating heart.

The guidelines are simple, but how do we make it sacred, authentic and transformative?


Below is a short impression of the program. In reality the program will be more flexible, organic, and adjusted to the needs of the group. Although each day has a theme, we'll weave all the topics throughout each day of the week. It will be an intense week - with a lot of information and practice. We recommend that you give yourself this entire week for your own training, growth and learning.


We will train all days, including some evenings.

Day 1 (Wednesday 5th June 2024): Arrival and Dance together. Getting to know each other and our hopes & fears. Practicalities and creating a space to learn and play together.


Day 2 (Thursday 6th June 2024): A dive into the his/her/our-story of Ecstatic Dance and the art of creating a safe / brave space for dancers to get wild and free.


Day 3 (Friday 7th June 2024): Skills and tools for facilitating a ceremony, ritual, or a warm up. How to get dancers in tune with themselves and with each other? Learning about the dance journey. Organising our own Ecstatic Dance.


Day 4 (Saturday 8th June 2024): Music: choosing the right music for every crowd, learning about the effects of music on a dancer's body and how to go with what is in the room while gently leading it. 


Day 5 (Sunday 9th June 2024): Troubleshooting & Integration: what can go 'wrong' and how to navigate these situations. Harvest of our week together and closing ceremony. And a surprise learning experience...

If you come an evening in advance, you can also join for the epic dance of Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam on Tuesday evening. Plus: there will be plenty of other choices during the week to go and get your groove on!

Investment for the training:

  • 777 euro - (early bird - for the first 7 people who sign up)

  • 888 euro - (full price)

  • 999 euro - (in case your company or cooperation pays for the training)

  • 555 euro - (alumni - for those who have already followed a training with us)

During this training we wish to create an intimate dancing and learning community. We therefore have places for max 25 participants.

The full investment includes: 100 pages manual, all teachings and the dance that we will organise together with/for you. Plus: a life-long connection with a community full of like-minded people, to support and inspire you along the way.



Ter Gouwstraat 3, 1093 JX, Amsterdam



5th-9th June 2024


You can register by clicking the link below, and you can choose to pay either the full amount, or reserve your spot by paying a down payment 150 euros - and afterwards pay in installments. On the day of our training, all of the payments should be done.






Please let us know as soon as possible if something comes up and you cannot attend the workshop. Please make all cancellations by email. If you wish to cancel 4 weeks before the training starts, you will receive your down-payment minus 55 euro registration fee. If a cancelation happens after that time we keep the down payment. No refund is available for withdrawal once the training has started.

We are happy and excited to share our vision with the world!

For a further visual and poetic impression of our journey together, click here:

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