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Born in 1983, Fabio is a professional educator and transpersonal counselor, trained in Biotransenergetics, a newly conceived psycho-spiritual discipline. Since the age of 16 he has been cultivating a passion for music and djing, which has led him to prestigious stages and to experience national and international competitions (DMC World, 2004).


In 2010 this path turned into an inner path, and Fabio embarked on a journey of healing and awareness. In search of forgotten parts, he found them in the sound of the drums, in the trance, in the roots of Afro-Brazilian shamanism, in the movement and conscious dance, in different paths between Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Italy.


Today he shares conscious breathing and movement to facilitate inner transformation, sharing all the practices he learned and which helped him to transform his life: Biotransenergetics, Respiraciòn Alquìmica/Sexualidad Sagrada, Tantric Pulse, Ecstatic Dance and WHM.

Listen to Fabio's Mixes - Website

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