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Caroline S’Jegers is a passionate music, dance and birth keeper. She is the founder of 'ícaro - roots to create' and the co-founder of Ecstatic Dance Belgium. She roots herself in ritual, uses music as poetry and listens to the silences between the (heart)beats. Her sounds can be summarized in three words: uplifting, deep and soulful.

As a psychologist (BA) and a cultural anthropologist (MSc), Caroline has absorbed herself for years in the deeper-lying healing aspects of dance across cultures. Bringing dance back to the land, Caroline holds a clear vision in which community life flourishes and respect for Mother Earth deepens... 


"Music moves and shapes me. It makes me fall in love with dance – again and again – and inspires me to create from a place of utter presence. On the dance floor – as in life – the mystery unfolds."


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