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9 online modules * Sep-Nov 2024

Module I - Getting Ready - Self Study & Private Session

Module II - Overview & Gearing Up - 14 Sep 2024

Module III - Deep Listening, Maps, and Library - 21 Sep 2024

Module IV - What does this button do? - 28 Sep 2024


Module V - Beats & Phrases - 5 Oct 2024

Module VI - In the Mix! - 12 Oct 2024

Module VII - Questions & Answers - 26 Oct 2024


Module VIII - Your own DJ set!  - 2 Nov 2024

Module IX - Celebration and onward - 9 Nov 2024

Welcome to the DJ Training!

Please answer the questions below and after which you can proceed to the check-out to pay the deposit that will secure your spot. After subscribing, you will get a confirmation email with more information.


You do not need any experience with DJing for the training. Still we would like to know your level of experience with the following subjects:

How familiar are you with going through Ecstatic or Conscious Dance Journeys yourself?
Little to no experienceI've been to some dancesIt's a regular practiceI danced deep in workshops or festivalsI facilitate Ecstatic or Conscious Dance
How familiar are you with music theory (key, bpm, bars & phrases)?
Ehm.. what?VaguelyI know the basicsI have fair graspAsk my anything
To what extend is your music library owned, diverse, and organized?
Not at allA little bitGetting thereGoodAll set up!
How familiar are you with DJ gear as controllers, mixers, cables, speakers, etc?
Not at allA little bitI know the basicsI can do a simple set upAsk me anything!
What is your experience with DJing?
NoneDid it once or twiceI am a beginning DJI am an intermediate DJI am a very experienced DJ
Do you already own one of the following DJ programs?
Please specify your booking. For the first 6 to enroll, there is an Early Bird discount of 100 EUR available. Each choice will be asked to make the same deposit of 288 EUR to secure your place
I understand that the training will be online and requires a Zoom account. I also understand that the modules and training material will be in English. I confirm that the information I provided is correct.
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