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Meet & Greet
Take a look into Heart of The Dance
15th May 2024 (10-11h30 CET)

Since the dawn of humankind, people have always danced to heal, commune, and to enter a trance state. Dancing brings people together. It simultaneously gives people a chance to express their uniqueness and it connects differences. Old, young, black, white, all differences dissipate once people disappear in the dance. Around the world, people of all shapes, experience levels, ages, and backgrounds, have discovered and fallen in love with the dance. Some have also heard the call to become a Conscious Dance teacher, organiser and/or DJ. We welcome these new dance leaders, as the world is in dire need of them...

About Meet & Greet

Since we receive many questions about our upcoming trainings, we have decided to gather online for a Meet & Greet - so you can take a look into who we are, why we do what we do, the challenges & gifts of our work, and the different modalities we offer.

About Heart of the Dance


The Heart of the Dance is an explorative and embodied laboratory for movement and dance. In these current times of transition and change, we bring our intention towards re-connecting and reweaving what we describe as the bigger realm: a Conscious and Ecstatic Culture in which diversity and connection to the earth is being embraced. 


In our Heart of the Dance trainings, we will guide you into the essence of why we come together, of how to create your own dances - in community and of how to create Dance Journeys from the heart. We will share with you our own combined experience of over 40 years in dance and music facilitation - and what we learned from our challenges and fears. Through creative exercises, we will also encourage you to share the wisdom that you embody within.


Our online Meet & Greet is a free event.

Sign up by sending us an email to, and receive a link to join us on Zoom!

We are happy and excited to share our vision with the world!

For a further visual and poetic impression of our journey together, click here:

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