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Léon Beckx had his first taste of ecstasy as a teenager in the early 90's rave scene. Like many, he danced into rapture while being part of a warm community. These experiences were unlike anything in his ordinary world. The raves' blissful flame burned bright and short, as the scene fell victim to drugs and commerce. Léon went on to become a psychologist (MSc) and a therapist, which still allowed him to linger on the edge of the ordinary. This time, however, he guided people back to the 'normal' world, instead of dancing over the edge himself. This somehow felt wrong, and Léon searched for a different direction. In 2001 he encountered the 5Rhythms, a dance practice both ecstatic and healing. The 5Rhythms dance path presented an opportunity to explore the nonordinary while using his psychological know-how and Gestalt therapy training. Léon eventually became a 5Rhythms teacher in 2008, under the guidance of Gabrielle Roth. Besides teaching the 5Rhythms, he further trained in dance improvisation, somatics, and theater, and became part of Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam. From 2019 onwards, Léon also started DJing.


Since 2006 Léon largy left his individual psychology practice to focus on working with communities. He qualified as a lead facilitator in several community building methods and worked with marginalized groups on inclusivity, conflict resolution and empowerment through workshops, community art, and by educating new facilitators. In the trainings Léon will happily share some of these practices. His personal website

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