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Heart of the Dance Camp
Five Days of Dance Transformation
11-15 October 2023
Uelenspieghel, Drenthe (The Netherlands)

What to expect

  • Five days of Ecstatic and Conscious Dance

  • A shared lab environment & guided master classes

  • Experience, play, discover, and co-create
  • A meeting place for dance lovers 

  • Deepen and broaden your dance practice

  • Beautiful retreat center in a nature reserve

  • Vegetarian community cooking

  • Led by 3 facilitators who share 50 years of teaching dance, facilitating workshops, DJing, community building and organizing ecstatic events 

Heart of the Dance Camp


Heart of the Dance is about to launch a Conscious Dance Academy. Since we are going to spread our wings and broaden our horizon, we wish to share and co-create our growing vision with you. For this, we will dive deep into the core of Conscious Dance and explore the growing edges of the field. Expect master classes on Contact and Dance Improvisation, the 5Rhythms, the poetry of movement and more. At the same time, we want to unlock the collective wisdom and invite everyone to bring and share their unique skills. There will be slots in the program where you and other participants can offer your own workshop or propose questions for (movement) research. In the evening there is space for co-creating an Ecstatic Dance, making music, an open forum, or something else that wants to arise. In short, this dance camp is a gathering, a workshop, and a shared lab environment where we can play, experiment, and discover the essence of Conscious Dance. 

And thus, we invite you to join us for five days of Ecstatic and Conscious dancing in the enchanting natural environment of the Uelenspieghel. Whether you are an experienced dancer or just starting your dance journey, this camp is a meeting place for dance lovers who wish to share their passion and immerse themselves in Conscious Movement exploration. Get ready to be inspired and inspire others, to connect with like-minded dancers and to push the boundaries of movement expression.

“Untangle my feet
from all that ensnares
Free my soul
That we might
and that our dancing
might be contagious.”



The investment for the Heart of the Dance Camp consists of 3 parts with different ranges:

  1. Dance Camp € 250 - 300 (€ 150 for Helpers)

  2. Accomodation € 40 - 280

  3. Food € 110


Below we will elaborate on the costs.

1. Heart of the Dance Camp

(including Master Classes, labs, and Ecstatic Dances)


  • Early bird (Max 5 Early Birds. Valid till 11th of August ): € 250 

  • Normal price (sign up after 11th August 2023): € 300 


We are looking for 3 helpers to assist with various tasks during the camp.

  • Helpers pay € 150 for the camp - in return they help out about 2,5-3 hours/day. 


2. Accommodation (4 nights):

During the camp, you will have the opportunity to stay in different accommodations, including single, double, or shared rooms, as well as the option to bring your own tent, camper, or caravan. Below is the price overview: 


  • Camper or tent (for the brave ones who don’t mind the cold): 40

  • Shared common room (five people in a big room): € 80  per person

  • Double room: € 130 per person

  • Pipo wagon / Cabin (for single or couple use): €  280 (limited availability)

3. Food:

During this camp we will take care of the food together. Nothing builds community like cooking and sharing a meal together, and it also helps us to keep the costs low. 


We ask for a contribution of € 110 for the duration of the camp. From this amount we will buy the food and each day we take turns to help create a nourishing meal (if there will be any budget leftover it will be donated to charity organizations).

If you have specific dietary needs, please let us know in advance. 

Food will be provided from Wednesday lunch until Sunday lunch. 


Uelenspieghel is a beautiful retreat center nestled in nature.

Address: Uelenspieghel Retreat, Winkelsteeg 5, 7975 PV Uffelte


You can find more info and photos of the center - click here. For questions or more information, feel free to reach out to us at:


Join us at Heart of Ecstatic Dance Camp and embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, connection, and conscious movement. Let the rhythm guide you as you dance into the depths of your being, igniting the trinity of body, breath, and beat. 


We look forward to dancing with you.


Please let us know as soon as possible if something comes up and you cannot attend the workshop. Please make all cancellations by email. If you wish to cancel 4 weeks before the camp starts, you will receive your down-payment minus 50 euro registration fee. If a cancelation happens after that time we keep the down payment. No refund is available for withdrawal once the workshop has commenced. 

We are happy and excited to share our vision with the world!

For a further visual and poetic impression of our journey together, click here:

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