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DJ Training

MODULE 1 - Getting Ready


This first self-study module gets you ready to embark on your DJ learning journey. Here you will find self-study material that will help you find your bearings in the Conscious DJ world.


The first video covers some essential history that helps you understand how modern DJ gear came into being. (Pro-tip: you can speed the video up by pressing the little cogwheel underneath the video)

The second video helps you make an important first decision: which DJ software do I choose?  


The third video helps you find your first (or second) DJ controller.


The fourth video will help you find and buy music.

The fifth video covers some key musical terms. 

This manual is for personal use only. Please see the copyright information inside. 


Here is the link for our online Zoom meetings:


​Time & Place

19h-21h30 Amsterdam CET time   

Every week on Wed, until Apr 17, 2024,

8 occurrence(s)

        Feb 14, 2024 (19h-21h30)
        Feb 21, 2024 (19h-21h30)

        Mar 6, 2024 (19h-21h30)
        Mar 13, 2024 (19h-21h30)
        Mar 20, 2024 (19h-21h30)
        Mar 27, 2024 (19h-21h30)
        Apr 10, 2024 (19h-21h30)
        Apr 17, 2024 (19h-21h30)


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Meeting ID: 814 1497 7704
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Module 1 - Self study

& 1-on-1 phone call

Module 2 - First steps

Listen to 10 songs

Download the 10 songs below (Zip file).  As homework we ask you to import these songs into your music library and to listen to the songs. Truly build a relationship with these songs. Notice the different textures, instruments, quality, emotions, build-up and build-down. A practice of deep listening...

Make a time line

Take a piece of paper and create a time line. From the moment of your conception until now. What have been your musical influences - from parents, friends, family, environment? What has been of inspiration to you? What has crafted your journey? Finding out about our 'sacred why' of wanting to learn about DJ'ing (especially for when things get rough)...

Module 3 - Continuum of sound & wave structure

Create a journey with 5 songs

Going back to the list of 10 songs: choose 5 songs to create a musical journey, in wave structure. Write down the order of these 5 songs... When this is finished, you can create a waveform of your journey, give it a name and share it in the Whatsapp group.


Growing a music library

Start to add songs to your music library. Which songs have been of great importance in your life? Songs with meaning, songs that shaped your own life. Then also start searching for styles that you usually don't listen to. Maybe you discover some jewels, even here...

Music Theory

Music theory can be hard to get into. Luckily, the people at Ableton made this beautiful online site that allow you to play with the basic theory.

In our two week intermezzo, have a go at this interactive program and try to get to song structure.

In addition, you can read the chapter on music theory also in our manual. 


Module 4 - What do these buttons do?

Volume, phrase & sync mixing

Find two songs that you like and mix them while making use of volume, phrases and sync. In case you don’t have a software program yet, then mix them using volume only...

Module 5 - Beats, phrases & mixing techniques


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Not so short history of laptop DJing

Laptop DJing is the predominant form of DJing for Ecstatic and Conscious dance. Before discussing the different options for your DJ software and DJ controller, we dive into the history of DJing with a laptop. Though this history is short, it is full of interesting developments. Understanding the history offers both insight and context into why DJ programs and controllers look the way they do and how they work.

Choosing your DJ Software

With DJ software your laptop transforms into a full DJ booth. Here, I discuss 5 big names in the 'virutal' DJ game: Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox, DJay, and Virtual DJ. What do these DJ programs broadly do and what are the pros and cons of the different platforms? Also, I'll briefly discuss requirements for your laptop and other considerations.

Choosing your DJ Controller

Choosing your fist DJ controller is hard. Hopefully this video makes it a bit easier ;)

Where to find music?

- the (he)art of listening

- owning versus streaming music

- the big three labels / loudness war

- where to find new, fresh tracks

The KEY to my music - some key terms

Key, Tempo, BPM = the ingredients of any track/music How to find it on the screen, how to feel it in your body

Module 2 - Video first live session

Session of 14-2-2024

Module 3 - Video second live session

Session of 21-2-2024

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Conscious DJing

The musical facilitation of a Dance Journey. 

Module 1: Getting Ready
Extra Material